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The last time I checked my website I had only 64 followers and yesterday the number jumped to 2,114 subscribers! Either there is some serious spam going on or suddenly I’ve become very popular for some unknown reason.

So I would like to know who my subscribers are. Please tell me something about yourself and how you found this website. I love getting to know people so please respond in the comments.



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  1. That is weird. I hope they are all fans who have just discovered your website. Can I hope it’s because I mentioned you in the textbook?

  2. I am a fan and friend of yours for decades! Like my adopted sister, and member of our family. The day you told me after 35 years that you had finished and were publishing The Victor, which you dedicated to my brother Barry. I showed my mom the cover, and the dedication. She was moved to tears. Not long after, my mom Ruth fell, and the hospital gave her the all clear to go home, yet she died unexpectedly that evening. The day your book arrived in the mail, was on the day of Ruth’s Celebration of Life.
    I have found all of your books to be delightful page turners, that once begun, I can’t put down until finished!

    • I love you and Dave like siblings and the inlaws I never got to have. I’m just curious as to where over 1800 subscribers came from!

  3. Carolyn Phillips

    Wow! So the end of the rainbow is your website? How cool is that?

    Let’s see, we know each other from ACFW and from your craft room. I hope all this turns out to be a benefit and not a deficit, but it’s always nice to chat. I love you guys. Squeeze Michael hello.

  4. Linda McCoy

    I met you through Steve Masarsky 🙂

  5. Caitie Dugan

    I met you through an email I sent you after I finished The Victor!! Hope these are all real people!!

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