Videos – A Great Way to Share Wonderful Moments, Memories and Books!

Remember how you used to cringe when friends and family asked you to see their slides of their vacation at the Grand Canyon? (Yes I’m dating myself here). I have found it is much more entertaining to show people a music video of event highlights that I have made myself.

Like most creative people I found that I have a talent for creating videos. I’ve done them for myself (for my own books and personally) as well as professionally for other authors (who actually paid me) and for small businesses. Many others (like tribute videos) I have done as a favor/gift to those who have lost loved ones.

If you’re interested in having me make a tribute, professional or personal video for you, please email me at: mmgiron@yahoo.com so we can discuss your needs and pricing. Pricing is generally as follows:

License for Music: $30-$40 (can vary widely)
Stock Photos/Videos ($100 – $200 depending upon what you select)
Plus labor for my time. A Contract is Available if you are interested.

Below are examples of what I’ve done by category:

Book Trailers for Others:

Steps to Courage for Author Sandra Stiles:

Where is God When Hope Hurts For Carole Long Urton


Tributes for Others (this was done as a gift and not for pay):


Web-Wise Kids

My Personal Videos

My Daughter’s Reunion with Her Long Lost Brother (get your Kleenexes)

Daughter’s graduation from Army Boot Camp

Daughter Parachuting on her birthday

Daddy’s Little Girl (he was a weepy mess when he saw this one)

Christmas gift video for my husband

A Medley of Videos in honor of my daughter’s Graduation from High School