Doing Something Old & Something New

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Tonight I attended and signed up to be a Big Sister again. Back in the early 1990s my husband and I were a “big couple”. This was way before we adopted our daughter. We were matched with a six year old boy by the name of Ryan who was really in Volkswagen Beetles (or “Herbies” as he referred to them). I’ll never forget the first day we spent with him. We rented the Disney movie “Herbie Rides Again” and he spent the entire duration of the movie looking at us and telling us what was about to happen.

Our little brother Ryan is now a grown man in his early 30’s, a mechanic in the Navy and the father of two young beautiful kids who look just like him. He’s also still into Volkswagen Beetles. I was close to his age now when we were matched with him at the age six. Now I’m 57 years old and feel like it’s time again to be there for another “starfish”.

I can’t go on mission trips far away or quit my job to go into full time ministry, but I can be a big sister to a little girl and mentor her to grow up to be all that she can be. It’s probably one of the easiest and most well-supported charitable outreaches out there.

I go in for my interview early next week. I’m praying for the Lord and BBBS to match me with with someone I can really develop a great relationship with. I’ll keep you posted.


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