The Victor Book – Companion Lesson Plan
Genres: home school, Youth Fiction
Tag: lesson plan
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 60
ASIN: 1460970314
ISBN: 9781460970317
"The lesson plan is an excellent addition, with vocabulary, details about armor and Bible references, literary elements, character descriptions, and analysis. This would make an excellent tandem study of literature (allegory in particular) and the parallels to the Bible. I plan to use this book and study guide with my middle-school daughter this coming school year."
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About the Book

Lesson Plan (questions with answers) Includes:

  • AR Quiz
  • Vocabulary Definitions (20 words per chapter)
  • Suit of Armor overview and quiz
  • Allegory Chart
  • Character Trait Chart
  • Chapter Summaries
  • Theme Chart
  • Literary Device List
  • Chapter Questions
  • Chapter Quotes/Passages

 Additional Bonus Materials Available in the Free Student Workbook:

  • Chivalry Study
  • Book report
  • Unit Study

The Victor Scoring Information:

ATOS Book Level:                                 7.7
AR Points:                                              15
Lexile Score (Metametrics):               1060

What Others Are Saying about The Lesson Plan:

“The Lesson Plan booklet offers a pronunciation key for the unusual names in the novel. Then it gets into the meat of the lessons: vocabulary lists for every chapter, a character trait guide, chapter summaries, and an outline of literary devices used. The remaining (and bulk) of the lesson plans go chapter by chapter, indicating significant quotes or passages and then asking questions pertaining to that segment of the book. Most of the queries are straightforward, black and white, pointing out details or literary methods. However, and perhaps more significantly, some of the questions are introspective and help the student internalize the story better. The Lesson Plan booklet ends with a theme chart and references section.


This is a beautiful representation of the story of God’s love for us. I am in favor of that point being emphasized and reiterated in as many ways as possible. This novel will appeal to both young and mature adults, and it could be a way to reach those who wouldn’t normally pick up a Bible. Not only is The Victor a timeless story with a profound message, the Lesson Plans make it a natural addition to the classroom, helping the student and teacher focus on such things as literary techniques and reading comprehension”.The Old School House Magazine

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