Make a Wish
Genres: Christian Fiction, Inspirational
Tag: wish fulfillment
Publication Year: 2010
Length: 224
ISBN: 9781456437336
Wish fulfillment stories written for real people where they are the Star. A one of a kind book where the words and the real people who star in them will tug at your heart. You will laugh and cry but most of all you will be very inspired.
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About the Book

An inspirational collection of short wish fulfillment stories written for people as gifts granting their dearest wishes. Each story has an introductory biographical paragraph on who the story is written for and why.

What Others are Saying About Make a Wish

I met Marlayne Giron through a giveaway she she was offering of her first book, The Victor. We first started emailing each other, then talking on the phone. She has become a very dear friend of my husband and I.


One day I was talking to Marlayne and told her that my husband Henry was in one of his very rare moods of depression. She thought about what she could do to cheer him up and that’s how “Make A Wish” was born. She wrote a short story for Henry and emailed it to him. It was one of the most beautiful stories either of us had ever read. The story made us both cry and laugh. It was if God had given her the words to write. There were things she wrote that neither one of us had ever told her. Like how he still, after 39 yrs. of being paralyzed, will still try to move his toes. How he loves the smell of orange blossoms. And that he has always said that when he gets to Heaven and is no longer paralyzed, he wants to be God’s gopher and run and run and run! Henry’s story is “A Gift For Henry” page 7.


Marlayne also wrote a story for my best friend Donna, who lost her daughter (Butterfly Kisses: page 45),

and for a friend Henry grew up with, Darlene, who lost her husband (Three Wishes: page 15).

Some of the other stories are:
“Two Peas In A Pod” about Sandra, who lost her sister Jeannie.
“Strength For The Journey” about Debra and her son who has Smith Magentis Syndrome.
“Heart Of Darkness/Heart Of Light” about John, who had a very sad childhood.


All of the stories in the book have been a blessing to not only those who they were written for, but to everyone who reads them. They are stories of hope, courage, love. You can’t help but be touched by them. I love this book and will pull it off the shelf from time to time. It isn’t one that will sit gathering dust. It will lift you when you’re down and encourage you when you feel lost. Do you ever wish your dream could come true? Or that you could have just one more moment with a deceased love one to tell them how much they meant to you? If you do, then this is an absolutely FANTABULOUS book just for you. This author is like no other author, and God truly uses her to share happiness in the lives of others. I’m still, as I sit here sharing my thoughts on this book, in awe of completely incredible this book is.”

“In this “Make a Wish” book, Marlayne creates short stories from peoples wishes. These stories play out like they would if it really happened. Marlayne, at the beginning of each “wish”/chapter tells a little bit about the person and their wish, and then jumps into the wish fulfillment story that stars that wish maker. Each wish is unique, some about dreams and hopes of marrying prince charmings or knights in shining armors, some about getting that one more moment with a loved one, and some of them about getting one more chance to walk again. No matter what they are about, though, each have something in common with the one before it: they are all gifts from God. They are, simply put: beautiful. Of course, while many while make you smile, you must have LOTS of Kleenex available, for you will cry rivers after reading some (or, in my case, ALL) of them. – Vicki N.


If there was any way possible, I would give this book 5 TRILLION stars instead of simply 5. Yes, it will remind you a lot of the “Make A Wish Foundation”, but it’s beautiful just like that. This book of wish fulfillment’s isn’t just for kids, like the MAW Foundation….it’s for ALL of God’s wonderful children, both young and old. So, whether you have a wish or not, I HIGHLY recommend this book to every one. You will fall in love with the book and it’s author. And, if you didn’t have a wish before, this book will leave you wishing…and hoping…and dreaming. – Molly J.

If you like to listen to Audio books, Make a Wish is available for download from Ten plus hours of inspirational stories that will make you laugh and weep! The narrator, Andi Hicks had the PERFECT voice for this book. She made ME cry.

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