Photo credit: Windelena Lindsay at www.windlindsay.com 

My entire family is Jewish.  In my youth I attended a reformed Temple and observed the high holy days mostly out of a sense of cultural obligation to Judaism rather than devotion to God. Like many Jews, I was raised with an anti-Christian/anti-Jesus “bias” and was taught that it was the height of betrayal to my Jewish heritage to “convert”. Growing up I had little to no interest in “religion” and at the age 13 considered myself an atheist.  At this time the “Jesus Movement” was in full swing and I found myself as a “prime target” for the “Jesus Freaks”. 

Despite my aversion to all things religious, I miraculously came to faith in Jesus as Messiah as a direct result of watching the television film, “Jesus of Nazareth” by Franco Zefferelli in 1977. From that moment on I began to read the Old Testament and discovered that believing in Jesus was the fulfillment of my Jewish faith and not a betrayal as I had been taught all my life. It is my desire to reach others with the Gospel who are how I used to be before coming to faith: people who don’t like being preached at, have no interest in reading the Bible and won’t attend church. My first book, The Victor, was written for just that purpose.

At the age of 22 I met my future husband, Michael Giron, whose face and name I had put into a short story three years before ever meeting him. I still have the original manuscript written on my Smith Corona typewriter and the original drawings. (You can read about this true “wish fulfillment story” in my second book, Make a Wish. On our first date, Michael was even told by one of his friends that I would be his future wife. His response back then was NO WAY! 

We have been happily married since 1986.